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Course Structure

The Care of Specific Populations Course (CSP) is comprised of three blocks: ObGyn, Pediatrics and Psychiatry. During these blocks you will participate in care of women, children and patients with psychiatric illness in both inpatient and outpatient settings. Each block is 5 weeks long. Assessments for the Pediatrics and Psychiatry blocks will be incorporated into the respective 5 week time period. The final week, Week 16, will be spent preparing for and taking final assessments for the ObGyn block including shelf exam and OSCE.

Course Leadership

Amy Bryant, MD

Clinical Sites

Pediatrics: Chapel Hill, Greensboro, WakeAHEC
Obstetrics: Chapel Hill, WakeAHEC, Greensboro
Psychiatry: Chapel Hill, Greensboro, Raleigh, and Butner

Course Content

This course provides an evidence-based approach to evaluate and manage patients who need specialized care. These patients include those who require psychiatric, pediatric or obstetrical care in both inpatient and outpatient settings. The course will focus on continuity of care, integration of care, and cooperation of care across these disciplines. The course will help students integrate skills, knowledge, and attitudes related to these settings. It will provide opportunities for students to follow previously-encountered patients and families through collaboration with other healthcare professionals who make up the robust network of care.

Components include supervised clinical care with integration into hospital care teams and preceptorship in the outpatient setting, Regular small group sessions, Longitudinal observed clinical skill building: interviewing, focused physical exam, clinical reasoning, and communication, Online modules, touching on thread topics (pathology, basic science, population health, professionalism and ethics) and, surgical skills development.

Objectives of the course: COMING SOON

Assessment and Grading Components

All Application Phase courses use the same grading standards and assessment components. More information.

The specific grade breakdown for the Care of Specific Populations Course, including the components for each block