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Capstone TIPS (Tools for Internship Preparedness and Success)

Capstone TIPS is a REQUIRED course for graduation from UNC SOM. Students must complete a total of 40 credit hours of sessions (20 optional and 20 required) during April 22rd through April 26th from 8 AM- 5 PM. There are several opportunities for students to receive credit hours towards Capstone TIPS completion prior to April 22rd. These include:

Course Offering Maximum Course Credit (optional or required)

Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)** 8 hours (optional)

Pediatric Advanced Life Support (ACLS)** 8 hours (optional)

TeamSTEPPS 1 hour (optional)

Financial Aid sponsored Workshops 2 hours (optional)

Habitat for Humanity Service Project 2 hours (optional)

End of Life Discussion Workshops 3 hours (required)

(** Please note that students can only receive a maximum of 8 optional hours for ACLS or PALS. The hours cannot be combined for a total of 16 hours.)

There are 4 TYPES OF SESSIONS during week of Capstone TIPS all of which have mandatory attendance:

  1. Large Group Sessions: most of the class attends
  2. Small Group Sessions
  3. Elective Sessions: These may run at any time and attendance is mandatory if you are selected for that group.
  4. Asynchronous/Electronic sessions: You may choose the environment where you learn best: either at UNC SOM Campus or another site, with electronic materials.

Please note that there is limited space in some sessions. While we will do all we can to accommodate your first choice, which will likely not be possible for all sessions.

Please use the navigation links to learn more about the program’s learning objectives, requirements/ grading and schedules.


Students are expected wear appropriate neat attire for the course. For the anatomy sessions, we recommend scrubs or an extra set of clothes.