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The Shea Clinical Cancer Symposium has been specifically designed for faculty, trainees, and healthcare professionals from medical schools in North Carolina, oncologists in the UNC Health Care System, and community provider oncologists in North Carolina and throughout the Southeast.

All populations listed above are invited to attend.

This year’s event will highlight clinical and translational research focusing on upper respiratory malignancies (neck, head, and lung cancers). We will seek to educate both on current clinical standard of care and on the most promising new and emerging therapies likely to improve care over the next few years.

Registration for this year’s event is FREE. While registration is free, we do have a strict no-show policy. This means that if you register and do not cancel by Thursday, September 12, you may jeopardize your eligibility to attend future Shea events.

Note: This year’s event is NOT open to industry participants. Each registration requires an employment disclosure and registrations will be monitored. We sincerely appreciate your respect and understanding of our request.

Speakers, honored guests, and exhibitor representatives are automatically registered for the symposium. You will receive a registration confirmation notice via email.

If you have any questions about our program, registration status, or our no-show policy, please contact Elizabeth Gorsuch at