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  • Featured Advanced Practice Provider: Danielle Camastra

    Danielle Camstra, PA, MS is a physician assistant in the Oncology/Hematology Infusion Clinic. As a child she wanted to be a veterinarian and still thinks being a pet photographer would be a great gig. Next year she hopes to attend two medical conferences. 

  • Featured Advanced Practice Provider: Julie Lewis

    Julie Lewis, ANP, cares for general cardiology patients. She is a North Carolina native, UNC School of Nursing graduate and a Swiftie. Julie enjoys baking, cooking and exercises daily. She is also a pizza lover! 

  • Featured Advanced Practice Provider: Kristi Brendle

    Kristi Brendle, MSN, FNP-C, is a nurse practitioner with the UNC Advanced Care at Home program. She is originally from Georgia but has lived in North Carolina since 2000. Kristi is  a proud mom to a junior at UNC Charlotte and stepmom to a pilot with United. Outside of work and family she enjoys hiking, kayaking, reading and cooking! 

  • Featured Advanced Practice Provider: Dwayne Bell

    Dwayne Bell, MSN, APRN, a North Carolina native, works in the Division of Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine as a nurse practitioner. Dwayne has grown in his role at UNC since 2003 and enjoys educating patients and their families. Outside of work he can be found cycling, sky-gazing, and plane spotting. If Dwayne was stuck eating only one food it would be yams! 

  • bonnie-alexander

    Featured Advanced Practice Provider: Bonnie Alexander

    Bonnie Alexander, PA-C, RDN, originally from California, is on our Diabetes Care Team. She began her career as a registered dietitian before finding her love for patient care as a physician assistant. Outside of work Bonnie enjoys doing hot yoga, reading, and traveling. Grain bowls are one of her favorite foods! 

  • Featured Advance Practice Provider: Vikki Metheny

    Vikki Metheny, BSN, MSN, ANP, is a Chapel Hill native and has been a nurse practitioner with the UNC Liver Center for over 11 years. Each visit she works to ensure the patient has an understanding of their disease. Outside of work, Vikki is a proud mom of two sons, frequents concerts, and loves Neapolitan style pizza!

  • Featured Advance Practice Provider: Laura Blanchard

    Laura Blanchard, MPAP, PA-C, was the first inpatient APP hired within the hematology division and has helped grow the program into a 10 person team. She is an advocate for the APP profession both at UNC and nationally. Laura is also a mom and a music lover who almost became a trumpeter. Her favorite food is the chick pea salad from Kardia!

  • Featured Advanced Practice Professional: Sarah Waters

    Sarah Waters, RN, MSN, ANP, has been a nurse practitioner in the Division of Cardiology for 13 years. She has helped develop a remote heart failure monitor program and enjoys connecting with patients. Outside of work, Sarah can be found on her farm with her two horses or playing/watching hockey! 

  • Featured Advanced Practice Professional: Rachel Collins

    Rachel Collins, a nurse practitioner, cares for patients in our dialysis centers and enjoys creating strong patient-provider relationships. An amazing mom of three, Rachel also likes to garden, draw, exercise and eat pizza with all the fixings! If she didn’t have a career in medicine she would have liked to purse interior or landscape design.

  • Featured Advanced Practice Professional: Cassi Frank

    Cassi Frank, MMSc, PA-C, works with the benign hematology group at UNC Eastowne as a physician assistant. She is also a graduate student and mother who enjoys reading, playing the piano and all things chocolate! 

  • Featured Advanced Practice Professional: Ann Collins

    Ann Collins, PA-C, is a physician assistant with the Division of Infectious Diseases. It is her goal to learn more about HIV and contribute to the research that improves the lives of those living with HIV. Outside of work, Anne is a mom and lover of all things outdoors. 

  • Featured Advanced Practice Professional: April Goley

    April Goley, RN, MSN, FNP-C, is an expert in glycemic management and improving outcomes in the inpatient setting. Her other interests include cystic fibrosis related diabetes, as well as exercise and its effects on blood glucose levels. April loves her job almost as much as she enjoys a big plate of spaghetti and spending time with her family, which includes their morning radio r … Read more