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  • Featured Staff: Kiera Scruggs

    Kiera Scruggs is the Linkage and Retention Coordinator for the Division of Infectious DIseases. Originally from Virginia, she has always has been passionate about connecting her community with health resources. Kiera loves to travel and be in the water, just like her favorite Disney princess Ariel.

  • Featured Staff Member: Jill Cunnup

    Jill Cunnup is the director of clinical research administration for the Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism. She has been with UNC for almost 23 years and says she really enjoys working with her colleagues. As many know, Jill wears flip flops almost all the time. Learn the about the unique reason why, below. 

  • Featured Staff Member: Lara Valerio

    Lara A Valerio, MS, RD, LDN, is a registered dietitian in the Division of Infectious Diseases. It’s on her bucket list to write a book on all the nutrition tips and tricks she has learned over the course of being a dietitian. Lara is an avid traveler and has visited 13 countries so far. 

  • A photo of a man named John Harrison.

    Featured Staff Member: John Harrison

    John Harrison has been the travel manager for the Division of Infectious Diseases for over 15 years. With his years of experience he enjoys helping people, in and outside of the department, navigate the ever-changing university travel system. His hobbies consist of painting, playing music, driving his old truck and of course, traveling! Maybe one day he will see Mars. 

  • Featured Staff Member: Elizabeth Gorsuch

    Elizabeth Gorsuch, MA, is a project coordinator in the Division of Hematology. She knows it takes a lot of time and attention to detail to effectively execute plans. Elizabeth has held various roles at UNC and enjoys interacting with the great people at our institution. Originally from Alaska, she is an adventurous traveler who is hoping see Egypt soon. 

  • Featured Staff: Mary Mac Collie

    Mary Mac Collie, is a North Carolina native who spends her time interacting with research participants at the UNC Kidney Center. She often explores trails throughout the state and enjoys listening to podcast. Some day she hopes to see the Northern Lights. 

  • Featured Staff Member: Kathy James

    Kathy James has been with the Division of Infectious Diseases for nearly 28 years and is known for her reliability and willingness to help. She says her colleagues feel like her extended family. Before life in North Carolina, Kathy used to be a singer, and cancan dancer in a western variety show in Pittsburgh, which is her hometown. 

  • Featured Staff Member: Kristi Kirkland

    Kristi Kirkland, CPhT, is a North Carolina native who enjoys interacting with patients and collecting data for the UNC Hemophilia Treatment Center. She has gained valuable experience navigating the research world. Additionally, Kristi is a proud mom of three and recently became a Mema to her first grandson!

  • Cassandra Donahue

    Featured Staff Member: Cassandra Donahue

    Cassandra Donahue, RDN, LDN, CDCES, works in the Division of Endocrinology. Recently, she became a Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist and hopes to become a published researcher. When not working Cassandra enjoys hanging with her pup Louie and trying new foods in the area! 

  • Featured Staff Member: Alejandro Fernandez

    Alejandro Fernandez is a business manager with the McAllister Heart Institute. Originally from Honduras, he has lived in the U.S. for nearly 10 years. Aside from working on a great team Alejandro enjoys being a dad and playing pickleball! Interestingly, he nor his son have a middle name. 

  • Jaime Foster

    Featured Staff Member: Jaime Foster

    Jaime Foster plays a large role in making sure the Department of Medicine runs smoothly and after 13 years she is still met with new tasks to take on every day. Jaime is also a traveler at heart and often likes to adventure without a specific destination planned. Soon she hopes to explore internationally.

  • Featured Staff Member: Christine Hill

    Christine Hill, MHA, CRA, is a member of the UNC Blood Research Center in the Division of Hematology. She is also a super mom who raised her three kids while completing her master’s degree and working full-time. This year Christine is checking off an item on her bucket list!