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Alannah Mascarella, MPH, RD, LDN
Pronouns: she/her
(patients with the last names starting with A-K)

Courtney Busby, RD
Pronouns: she/her
(patients with the last names starting with L-Z)

Eating well and maintaining good nutritional status is important in the treatment of cystic fibrosis. Excess weight, especially in those receiving highly effect CFTR modulators, can also be a problem. Research has shown that having a normal body mass index (BMI) can promote better lung function. A Registered Dietitian (RD) can help support you in reaching nutrition goals in many different ways. These can include:

  • Develop nutrition plan to meet weight goals. This could include support with defining a target calorie intake at meals/snacks, oral nutrition supplements, tube feedings, etc.
  • Assess fat soluble vitamin levels & make recommendations to help reach/maintain normal fat soluble vitamin levels.
  • Monitor for signs/symptoms of fat malabsorption & make recommendations re: pancreatic enzyme regimen.
  • Help to manage CF related diabetes and bone health.
  • Help navigate changes to the “CF diet” as new recommendations are made in the post-modulator era.

At the UNC Adult CF Clinic, the same RD that follows with you at your outpatient clinic visit will also follow with you during inpatient UNC Hospital admissions. This continuity of care can help provide consistent medical nutrition therapy as well as help foster good communication between you and your team. 

Additional Resources

North Carolina Food and Nutrition Services
Currently, you can use NC ePASS to screen for your potential eligibility and to apply for the following programs:

North  Carolina Catholic Charities Food Pantry
Catholic Charities operates five food pantries throughout eastern North Carolina to meet basic needs of families by responding with food, clothing, baby items, or financial assistance. These locations include Fayetteville, Durham, Greenville, and the Catholic Parish Outreach Food Pantry in Raleigh. For further information please visit their website or call (919) 873-0245. The agency accepts referrals via the Agency Referral Form.

North Carolina WIC (Women, Infants, and Children)
WIC is a special supplemental nutrition program for women who are pregnant, breastfeeding (through the infant’s 1st year), and postpartum (up to 6 months if not breastfeeding or a year if breastfeeding), as well as infants, and children (up to age 5). For a list of locations as well as appointment numbers please visit this site.