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We welcome new patients and look forward to providing you with the care you deserve. Transferring to the UNC CF Center Adult Clinic is a simple process. Here’s what to do:

1. Contact the CF Nurse Coordinators

The CF Nurse Coordinator is our nurse in charge of Adult Patient Services. They will be your go-to person. Their contact information is:
Phone:  (984) 974-4050, or (984) 974-6950
Fax: (984) 974-5737

2. Submit your Medical Records

We will need your medical records from the last 1-2 years (PFTs, sputum cultures, clinic notes, hospital discharge summaries, and CF diagnostic info, including genotype). Please contact your previous healthcare provider and ask them to fax your records to the CF Nurse Coordinator at:

UNC Hospitals Pulmonary Specialty Clinic Fax: (984) 974-5737

3. Make an Appointment

After you speak with the CF Nurse Coordinator who will answer any questions you may have, you can then call the appointment desk by calling:

(984) 974-5703, option 1

The appointment desk staff will help you make a clinic appointment.

What Should I expect when I come to the UNC Adult CF Clinic?

Upon arrival at the UNC Eastowne Medical Office Building (MOB), park in the free parking deck immediately across from the MOB. Exit the deck and enter the lobby of the MOB. Our clinic is located on the second floor. There is an elevator bank further down on the right. The ground floor of the building also has a UNC Retail Pharmacy, food vending machines, a laboratory (if you need to have bloodwork done prior to your appointment), and radiology services. Admin staff are able to assist you at the information desk. 

You may have multiple appointments within the same day, as we try to schedule PFT appointments to occur immediately before your clinic visit. Please be sure to leave ample time to park, make your way to the second-floor lobby, and complete the check-in process prior to your appointment. Generally, we ask you to arrive 15 minutes before your first scheduled appointment in order to complete these tasks. 

CHECK-IN: Our check-in processes now occur at a kiosk. There are kiosks located on both the ground floor and the second floor, and staff members clean kiosks between each patient use. If you are having trouble with the kiosk, ask a staff member for help. 

There is a small lobby on the second floor near the kiosks, but our goal is to escort you to your clinic room as soon as possible after you check in, for infection control purposes. Your first stop will likely be the Pulmonary Function Lab after recording your height and weight; we have 5 rooms dedicated for PFTs. Most patients perform spirometry at each visit. Please let the Respiratory Therapist know if you have any chest pain or have been coughing up blood before you attempt PFTs!

Once you complete PFTs, you will be brought to your clinic room, where a nurse/care partner will complete your vital signs, review key parts of your history, and provide you with a cup for a sputum sample. If you have any family members who came to your appointment with you, you are welcome to let the nurse know if you would like them to join you in the clinic room. Family members will not be allowed during PFT’s and check-in due to space limitations and infection control issues. 

CLINIC VISIT:  While in the exam room, you may see multiple team members, depending on your needs. All patients are scheduled for an annual evaluation with each multidisciplinary team member, at a minimum. You may request to see any specific team member at any visit, for example, the dietitian to discuss a diet change or a social worker to review insurance options. We will do our best to accommodate these requests, but depending on the day’s workload, you may be called by that team member instead the following day. Research coordinators may approach you in clinic to discuss current research studies and ask you about your interest in being involved. We have exciting research going on at the UNC CF Center and look forward to involving you.

LABS and RADIOLOGY: A “roving phlebotomist” will usually come to your clinic room to draw any necessary blood samples. If you have a timed sample due, for example during your annual oral glucose tolerance test, we may bring you to the lab on the ground floor instead to ensure the timing is correct. Same day chest x-rays can typically be accommodated, and CT scans and bone density scans are able to be performed in the MOB.

MASKS: All people (patients, staff and visitors) entering the MOB will be required to wear a surgical mask for infection control. You will be provided a mask upon entry to the building.   Please wear at all times when in public areas, including the lobby and hallways. During the COVID-19 pandemic, masks must continue to be used even while in the exam room with the door closed. Contact precautions will be observed throughout your visit. Every healthcare professional coming in contact with you will be wearing an isolation gown and gloves when they enter the exam room.

DON’T FORGET: On clinic day, bring a list of medications, allergies and vaccination history. Your after-visit summary will be printed for you and will include any medication changes made during your appointment. You can also access this online through your MyChart app. Don’t forget to ask for medication refills you need during your nurse check-in or with your physician. Feel free to bring your nebulizer or spirometer to clinic, if you have questions for our Respiratory Clinical Specialist.