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Why Do Research In Medical School?

  1. A good mentor can be a valuable career resource.
  2. Research increasingly contributes to the way physicians treat their patients. The “bench to bedside” approach that is driving modern biomedicine suggests that research will have an even larger impact on medical practice in the future.
  3. Participating in research is a great way to get the opportunity to work with faculty and possibly foster a life-long relationship with a mentor.
  4. The faculty at UNC School of Medicine and all of the affiliated institutions excel not only in transmitting the knowledge, skills and caring attitudes required for a life in medicine, but they also contribute to that knowledge as leaders of research in a wide variety of basic science and clinical fields.
  5. Research training gives you a favorable advantage when applying for residency positions.
  6. Research training will make you a better physician with a sharper mind and stronger critical thinking skills.

Below, find some helpful information about finding a mentor and participating in research. For more information, check out our FAQs page