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Office of Research Assistance

The OoR will help with multidisciplinary grant applications such as training grants, instrumentation grants, program projects, etc.  We have some information we update annually that is available below.  If you have questions, please feel free to contact or Carol Herion.

SOM Resources - a word document about SOM cores, basic science departments and centers.  You can edit to use in the resources section of your application.  Contact Jennifer or Anna O'Connell for information on RCR training for predoctoral trainees.

UNC T32 Table - an excel spreadsheet of the active NIH T32s at UNC.  It includes all of the information needed to do Table 3 for T32 applications.

UNC SIG Awards past 5 years - an excel spreadsheet of the required information on all UNC SIG awards for the past 5 years is being compiled for the 2014 applications.  As soon as the table is complete it will be posted here.  Contact  if you have questions.

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