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April 8th Solar Eclipse: Experience the Thrill, Don’t Damage Your Eyes

April 7, 2024

The total solar eclipse on Monday, April 8th, 2024, will draw multitudes outdoors to witness a rare, celestial wonder that will not occur again in North America until August 2044. As the moon completely blocks the face of the sun (total) across Mexico, 15 U.S. states and small portion of eastern Canada, and partially blocks … Read more

April Is Sports Eye Safety Month!

March 31, 2024

Every sport involves a degree of rigor and ability, and every sport carries a degree of injury risk.  Of the nearly 30,000 ER visits for sports-related eye injuries each year, an astounding 90 percent could be avoided if protective eyewear were worn.  Youth and adults alike state a range of reasons for not wearing sports … Read more

March 23rd is World Optometry Day!

March 22, 2024

Every year, the eye specialist community across the global recognizes the vital role that optometrists play in expanding and reinforcing the reach of comprehensive eye care worldwide. This year, the World Optometry Council has designated “Advancing Optometry’s Commitment to Global Eye Care” as the theme of this annual recognition day. The 2024 theme emphasizes how … Read more

Raleigh Host Lions Club Donates $10K to Support UNC Ophthalmology Research

March 6, 2024

North Carolina Lions Club chapters have long supported the strides in medicine made by UNC Department of Ophthalmology. In February 2024, UNC Department of Ophthalmology was honored to receive a $10,000 check from the Raleigh Host Lions Club designated to support research at the Carolina Eye Research Institute. UNC Ophthalmology Chair Don Budenz, MD, MPH, … Read more

UNC Takes Home the Trophy in the 2024 Tri-Residency Glaucoma Cup Quiz Bowl

March 4, 2024

  In late February 2024, UNC Ophthalmology residents faced off against their Wake Forest University and Duke University peers in the second annual Tri-Residency Glaucoma Cup Quiz Bowl. Taking home the trophy for best case presentations, “Team UNC” pulled off their first Glaucoma Cup win in this year’s event (hosted by Duke University) through presenting … Read more

March is Workplace Eye Wellness Awareness Month!

February 26, 2024

Post-pandemic, working remotely is the norm for millions of displaced Americans who now work part- or full-time in their homes. Extended periods in front of screens has caused remote and desk job office workers alike to increasingly suffer symptoms of digital eye strain. Though no association exists between digital eye strain and irreparable damage to … Read more

February 23rd is “Thank A Resident & Fellow” Day!

February 23, 2024

Among providers honored in medicine via recognition days, a highly representative group of teaching hospital physicians cannot be overlooked – residents and fellows. Led by the Gold Humanism Society, “Thank a Resident and Fellow Day” annually celebrates residents and fellows as vital contributors to patient care and healthcare workforce team members. On Friday, February 23rd, … Read more

UNC Ophthalmology Welcomes Glaucoma Specialist Dr. Rodolfo Bonatti

February 8, 2024

UNC Department of Ophthalmology is pleased to welcome Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology Rodolfo Bonatti, MD, to our Glaucoma division! Dr. Bonatti has extensive academia and private practice experience and expertise in treating adult and pediatric glaucoma, as well as other areas, including cataract surgery and ocular trauma. He enjoys exploring tailored treatment options with patients … Read more

February is Age-Related Macular Degeneration Awareness Month!

January 24, 2024

Aging adults who face increased odds of developing a degenerative eye disease often narrow their eye health focus to watching for signs of the world’s two leading causes of blindness – cataract and glaucoma.  Lost in the messaging mix among seniors across the U.S. is adequate awareness of age-related macular degeneration (AMD), the leading cause … Read more

UNC Ophthalmology Welcomes Neuro-Ophthalmologist Dr. Gabriella Szatmáry

January 22, 2024

UNC Department of Ophthalmology is pleased to welcome Professor of Ophthalmology Gabriella Szatmáry, MD, PhD, to our Neuro-Ophthalmology division!  Dr. Szatmary brings to our department and the institution a wealth of cross-disciplinary experience that includes direct teaching and conference presentations in Ophthalmology, Neurology, Neurosurgery, Neuroradiology and Neuro-Ophthalmology. She is widely published in neurology and neuro-ophthalmology, … Read more

Register Now for the 2024 UNC Eye Symposium in April!

January 14, 2024

Join UNC Department of Ophthalmology on Saturday, April 13th, 2024, for our annual UNC Eye Symposium at the William & Ida Friday Center for Continuing Education. This conference is designed for Ophthalmologists, Optometrists, Ophthalmic Technicians, and Photographers to hear the latest evidence-based diagnostic and medical/surgical approaches to comprehensive eye care and treating ocular disorders and disease. Technician registration is now open, with physician (MD, OD) registration coming soon. 

January is Glaucoma Awareness Month!

December 31, 2023

An adult who faithfully visits his PCP for well-check exams shows no signs of mid-life worsening vision and falls short of scheduling a first-time comprehensive eye exam in his 40s. At age 50, he is diagnosed with glaucoma at an overdue screening, 10 years past the recommended age for first-time exams. The asymptomatic patient is … Read more