If you are a first or second year UNC medical student and interested in shadowing an Orthopaedic physician in the OR or clinic, please email the educational support specialist Jennifer Griffin (jennifer_griffin@med.unc.edu) to request a time and get departmental approval.  Once arrangements have been made with a faculty member, you must complete an OR training.

Orthopaedic Faculty willing to shadow students:

Dan Del Gaizo, MD (total joints)

Moe Lim, MD, (spine)

Joshua Tennant, MD (foot & ankle)

Anna Vergun, MD (peds)

Vinay Narotam, MD (peds – nonsurgical)

Robert F. Ostrum, MD (trauma)

Reid Draeger, MD (hand)

Robert Esther, MD (tumor)

Here are some documents of helpful information to review:

Medical Student OR Orientation

Medical Student OR Orientation Presentation

Single-Glove Donning Guide

Medical Student OR Checklist