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The Orthopaedic Departments at Duke and UNC make up the busiest orthopaedic practices in the Raleigh-Durham region. Cumulatively, they see over 140,000 outpatients a year. Within the Raleigh-Durham area, Duke and UNC rank #1 and 2 respectively by U.S. News & World Report. They have a combined 115 orthopaedic faculty members, in addition to 66 residents and 19 fellows.

There are eight core pediatric orthopaedic attendings involved in the fellowship:

Together, they perform roughly 2,000 procedures every year and cover all aspects of pediatric orthopaedics including: spine, hip, sports, trauma, complex deformity, and tumor. Core faculty at both institutions have published nearly 400 articles or book chapters, have been invited to lecture around the world, and have received numerous awards for their work.

Two fellows will complete six-month rotations at Duke University Hospital in Durham and six-month rotations at UNC Children’s Hospital in Chapel Hill. They rotate with the entire faculty in both the clinics and the operating room. A typical week will consist of two days in clinic and three days in the operating room. Each month, fellows participate in two joint conferences – one for complex cases and one for Pediatric Journal Club.

Time and resources are provided to support fellows’ work on research as well as to attend regional and national educational events. Fellows receive graded independent experience including the ability to supervise resident trainees.

There is more than adequate case load for fellows to receive training to be proficient in all aspects of pediatric orthopaedics including spine, hip, sports, and complex deformity. A state of the art skills lab and soft tissue lab are available for the fellows’ educational needs.

Additional information is also available on the Duke Orthopaedic Pediatric Surgery Fellowship page.

For more information or to apply, please contact:

Cheryl DePaolis
Fellowship Program Coordinator
Department of Orthopaedic Surgery
Duke University School of Medicine
Office: (919) 684-0536