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Administrative Leadership

Name Title Email
Jack Curran Associate Chair for Administration
Kira Frediani Administrative Director, Department Initiatives
Raqi Guy Administrative Director, Finance & Clinical Research
Britt Mann Administrative Director, Clinical Operations & Outreach
Bays Seagroves Administrative Director, Strategy
Charlotte Weaver Administrative Director, Communications & Information Management

Chair’s Office

Name Title Email
Martha Flannery Sr. Executive Assistant to the Chair
Margo Flanagan Executive Assistant to the Vice Chair of Clinical Affairs

Contracts & Grants


Name Title Email
Mandy DuPont Associate Director of Research Administration
Amy Frazier
Contracts and Grants Manager
Harriet McCarter Contracts and Grants Manager
Jonia Sanders Contracts and Grants Manager
Judy Smith
Contracts and Grants Manager
Heather Torres Contracts and Grants Manager

Finance and Reimbursement

Name Title Email
Jordan Rice Business Analyst
Luke Thomas Accountant
Victoria Locust Administrative Specialist
Cassie Brennan Accounting Specialist
Diane Walsh Accounting Specialist

Human Resources

Name Title Email
Kathy Maddux Human Resources Consultant
Katrina Mounlavongsy Human Resources Consultant
Brittney Davis Human Resources Specialist


Name Title Email
Kelly Lear Residency Coordinator
Robin Howard Med/Peds Residency Coordinator
AJ Laperche Fellowship Coordinator
Denita Moore Residency Coordinator
Lynn West Medical Student Coordinator


UNC Children’s Development Team – Health Foundation