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UNC Pediatric Global Health recognizes the importance of contributing to the care of children at its host sites. In addition to supporting the clinical work of Malawian and US pediatricians at KCH, UNC has provided funding to train over 130 clinicians and non-clinical support staff at KCH in ETAT (Emergency Triage Assessment and Treatment) over the last two years. UNC Pediatric Global Health has worked with the KCH and UNC Departments of Radiology and RAD-AID International to support the longitudinal training of Pediatric ultrasonographers at KCH and is working with the Malawi Children’s Initiative and UNC Project to develop a specialized Pediatric lab at KCH.

In 2019 the UNC Peds GH director Dr. Elizabeth Fitzgerald will move to Malawi to work at KCH for the academic year, providing subspecialized Pediatric Emergency Medicine care for children at KCH, and mentoring Malawian and US-based trainees through the PACHIMAKE consortium.


In collaboration with a well-established non-profit organization, Project Health for Leon, and UNC Department of Medicine cardiologists, Dr. Elman Frantz introduced catheter-based treatments for congenital heart disease for selected patients at the HEODRA UNAN hospital in Leon, Nicaragua in January 2018.

In August of 2017, Dr. Frantz supported the outpatient evaluation and selection of children with congenital heart disease in the established HEODRA clinic. During both of these trips, supervision and mentorship were provided to pediatric resident Dr. Thomas Blount. Future trips are planned to continue providing catheter-based treatments for congenital heart disease.