UNC offers a broad range of experiences in global health clinical care and research, as well as didactic activities covering myriad topics in the School of Medicine, School of Public Health, and others. In order to enhance the professional development of those residents who are interested in pursuing global health careers, a Global Health Pathway has been established. The Pathway includes four key components: mentorship, didactic curriculum, clinical experiences, and scholarship. Residents will receive a Distinction in Global Health at the completion of residency training.


Participants will be matched with a Global Health mentor with whom they will meet at least twice yearly. Mentors will assist residents with preparing for and debriefing from clinical experiences abroad, support the development of scholarly work, and review case logs to discuss global experiences.


The Pathway includes the following curricular activities:

  • Pre-departure preparation, including liaising with the Office of Global Health Education in the Institute for Global Health and Infectious Diseases and a Pre-departure Global Intensive Orientation Day
  • Didactic global health education in the form of required attendance at a minimum of 4 global health events and a completion of 12 total activities/experiences per year
  • Completion of a Global Health Case Log
  • Elements specific to the participant’s selected clinical site

Clinical Experience

Pathway participants will use at least 2 special months for global health clinical experiences either abroad or locally with local global populations.

Scholarship / Tangible Product

Participants will be expected to complete at least one scholarly project in addition to a morning report during their three years in the Pathway.


Residents apply to the Pathway in fall of their Intern year to facilitate second year scheduling of clinical electives. Applications to the Pathway open on October 1, 2019. Application instructions can be found here. The first cohort will be selected and matched with a mentor by December 15, 2019.

All Pathway participants are encouraged to apply to the Office of Global Health Education’s Global Health Scholars Program as well.