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The UNC Program for Rare and Interstitial Lung Disease will foster innovation and collaboration to identify, understand and cure rare and interstitial lung disorders (ILD) in children and adults, aligning the strengths of clinicians, scientists, patients and families and deploying emerging technology to improve the lives of affected individuals in North Carolina and beyond.

  • Innovation: Our investigators apply emerging technologies to understand the biological basis of rare lung diseases, and improve diagnosis and treatment. We enroll subjects in the National Registry of Childhood Interstitial and Rare Lung Disease, and participate in the first-in-kind international clinical trial of antifibrotic therapy for ILD.
  • Care: Our interdisciplinary teams in the Rare and Genetic Lung Disease Program and Autoimmunity & Immunodeficiency Mediated Lung Disease Clinic strive to provide compassionate, state of the art clinical care to diagnose and manage rare lung diseases in children.
  • Advocacy: We collaborate with the ChILD Foundation, the NEHI Research Foundation, and other rare disease advocacy groups to increase awareness and improve resources to improve health children living with rare lung diseases, their families and communities.
  • Education: We are working through our subspecialty education programs, participation in national and international interest groups, and scholarly publications to encourage and train future generations of leaders in interstitial and rare lung diseases.