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The PM&R Adult Neuropsychology Consult service is pleased to announce our goal of providing increased collaborative care across UNC’s inpatient medical units.  We are hopeful you will consider consultation to our service for your patients with neuropsychological concerns. Download our flyer here.

Below are several scenarios in which we believe our service could be beneficial:

  1. Concern for acute neurocognitive decline following acquired brain injury or acute illness, e.g., TBI, CVA, brain surgery, COVID-19.
  2. Concern for chronic, underlying neurocognitive impairment resulting from suspected MCI/dementia, substance abuse, remote acquired brain injury, or other health conditions.
  3. Concern for premorbid intellectual disability that is interfering with patient-provider communication and care.
  4. Need for objective data regarding cognitive functioning, when appropriate, to supplement clinical determination of capacity.


Please note: Given certain factors/conditions (i.e., the number/acuity/etiology of medical concerns), comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation may be contraindicated while patients are hospitalized. In such instances, our service is hopeful that consults that include brief neurocognitive testing, record review, and clinical interview will enable us to provide useful treatment recommendations, including determination of need for comprehensive outpatient neuropsychological evaluation.


Requests for inpatient neuropsychology consults may be made by EPIC order. Our providers are typically available on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday but may have additional availability during the week.  We are able to see patients on both the main hospital campus and the Hillsborough campus.


Pediatric inpatient consults are available on a more limited basis but may also be requested by EPIC order


Requests for outpatient neuropsychological evaluations are made by making an ambulatory referral to Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in EPIC and specifying “Neuropsychological evaluation” in the comments. Documenting the reason for referral is also helpful.