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Recovery from COVID illness can be a slow and challenging process. Many people experience lingering symptoms throughout the body which can last for weeks, months, or longer. The UNC COVID Recovery Clinic was established in 2021 to care for people with Long COVID, a condition characterized by a prolonged worsening of health after COVID illness. Our team has treated thousands of patients with this condition and continues to provide care based on the latest understanding of the disease.

Persistent symptoms after COVID can be varied. The most common include fatigue, “brain fog” (reduced attention or memory), shortness of breath, and pain. Others include weakness, palpitations (racing heart), anxiety, depression, and loss of taste or smell. Many of our patients are unable to perform daily activities, including work and school, as they previously did.


How We Can Help

The UNC COVID Recovery Clinic can perform an assessment and provide recommendations for your Long COVID care.  Our recommendations, based on the latest understanding of Long COVID, will be communicated to the referring provider who can work with you to implement them.


Our Evaluation and Treatment Approach

Your medical care will be led by a UNC COVID Recovery Clinic provider experienced in treating people with Long COVID. Your provider will use evaluation and treatment methods based on the latest understanding of the disease.

  • The visits can be performed in person (Chapel Hill, NC) or in your home or office via telemedicine.
  • Your provider will gather specific information about your medical history and COVID illness, including assessing current symptoms, mood, thinking/memory, and physical endurance.
  • If needed, your provider will recommend and refer you for appropriate testing, therapies and other treatments, and discuss how to help you return to prior activities. Your provider can also refer you to additional UNC specialists who will help address your individual needs.

Prior to your visit, please consider what symptoms are most concerning to you.  It can also be helpful to write down a list of questions to discuss with the provider.  Please also bring a list of your current medicines to the visit.

Depending on the degree of your symptoms and progress with recovery, you may be seen for a single visit or offered a follow up appointment.  Throughout this time, it is important for you to remain in touch with your existing care team who will implement the recommendations and continue your care longer term.  The COVID Recovery Clinic will assist—not replace—your existing medical providers.



The UNC COVID Recovery Clinic is accepting new patient referrals.  Prospective patients must be (1) 18 or older at time of referral and (2) have lingering symptoms for more than 1 month after a COVID illness.

A provider referral is required for all new patients.

  • Internal (UNC) Providers: Please submit an “Ambulatory Referral to Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation” order.  In the Department field, select “PMR COVID Recovery Clinic.”
  • External (Outside UNC) Providers: Please submit a referral packet by fax to the UNC COVID Recovery Clinic. The referral packet must include recent medical records and pertinent diagnostic testing.  Fax # 984-215-2643.


Read our Frequently Asked Questions

What symptoms does the COVID Recovery Clinic evaluate and treat?

Long COVID symptoms can be variable and affect many different parts of the body and brain.  We are able to evaluate and provide treatment recommendations for a number of symptoms including: fatigue; shortness of breath; heart palpitations; chest pain/tightness; cough; brain fog (memory and/or attention problems); weakness; dizziness; loss of smell or taste; sleep disorders; nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea; anxiety, depression, and PTSD; rashes; and joint, muscle, and nerve pains.


How do I schedule an appointment with the COVID Recovery Clinic?

In order to qualify for evaluation, you must be (1) at least 18 years of age and (2) have lingering symptoms for more than 1 month after a COVID illness.  A provider referral is required for all new patients.  Please see above in the “Appointments” section for referral instructions.


What types of treatment does the COVID Recovery Clinic offer?

A treatment plan will be designed based on your specific ongoing symptoms.  While they can vary, recommended treatments may include a structured exercise program, cognitive rehabilitation activities, medications, dietary modifications, and lifestyle changes.  In some cases, further testing such as lab work or imaging studies may be recommended.  Additional specialist evaluations may also be recommended if needed to address your particular symptoms.


Does the COVID Recovery Clinic complete medical leave or disability paperwork?

Medical leave or disability paperwork should be completed by your primary care provider, as you would have an ongoing and long-term relationship with that person.  We will provide our complete recommendations to your primary healthcare provider to assist with their completion of the paperwork.


Is there a cost to be seen in the COVID Recovery Clinic?

Assessments in the UNC COVID Recovery Clinic are billed as a specialist visit.  To learn more about UNC Health’s billing policies, as well as financial assistance options, please visit this page.


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Educational Handouts


Research Opportunities

The COVID Recover Clinic is actively participating in several research studies to better understand Long COVID and treatment methods.   Below is a listing of current research projects:

  • NIH RECOVER-VITAL will assess the role of Paxlovid as a treatment of Long COVID.  Information is available at  If you are interested in learning more about participating, contact the study coordinator at 919-966-6712.  Currently enrolling.
  • A sodium citrate nasal spray study will treat people with smell loss or dysfunction after COVID.  If you are interested in learning more about participating, contact the study coordinator: or aurelia_monk@med.unc.eduCurrently enrolling.
  • A study with UNC-Pembroke will evaluate the impact of shortness of breath (dyspnea) in people with dysautonomia.  Visit to learn more or participate.  Currently enrolling.
  • IMPACT-LC, a NC Collaboratory-funded study, will characterize symptoms and functioning in people with Long COVID.  Enrollment available by invitation to clinic patients only.  If you are a clinic patient but have not received enrollment information, please contact

Other Questions

For other questions about the UNC COVID Recovery Clinic, contact the UNC Center for Rehabilitation Care at 984-974-9747, option 2. Click here to view news coverage about the clinic.


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