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  • Are you interested in genomics?
  • Are you an undergraduate rising sophomore, undergraduate rising junior, or a community college student?
  • Are you an underrepresented minority student or do you self-identify as coming from a disadvantaged background?


Explorations in Genomic Medicine Research is a virtual summer class offered by the UNC Program for Precision Medicine in Health Care (PPMH).

 The class will cover the following topics: 

  • Genes, health, and heredity 
    • Describe (a) the structure and function of genes, (b) the relationship between genes and health, and (c) gene inheritance mechanisms.
  • Research in genomics and precision medicine 
    • Describe applications of genomics in public health and medicine, including ethics, legal, and social concerns.
  • Ethical, legal, and social issues in genomic medicine research 
    • Use medical and genetic information to evaluate risks for common complex diseases.
  • Health informatics and computational techniques 
    • Compare and contrast multiple techniques used in human disease research.
  • Careers in genomics 
    • Appreciate the diversity of career options available in genomics-related fields.


Explorations in Genomic Medicine Research will meet M•Tu•W•Th•F from 12:00-1:00 pm EST from Monday May 17 through Friday June 25, 2021. Classes will meet on Zoom, and class sessions will be recorded. Each class meeting will have 15 minutes of asynchronous time for class preparation (such as reading a short article) or writing a short response after class.

Students who attend or watch at least 26 of the 30 class sessions, actively participate in class, and complete the post-class survey will receive a $550 stipend and a certificate of completion.

Are you interested? Do you have questions? Contact for information about how to apply.

Applications are due Monday April 12, 2021 at 9:00am ET.

Acceptances will be announced April 20, 2021.



Syllabus Explorations in Genomic Medicine Research 2021