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Resources for Undergraduate Students:

2022: Intro to Science Communication Workshop

This 6-week virtual workshop for undergraduate students ran from January – March 2022. Guest lecturers provided an overview of the field of science communication. Participants gained hands-on experience speaking to and writing for lay and professional audiences.

2021: Explorations in Genomic Medicine Research

This summer 2021 virtual class introduced undergraduate students to the field of genomics: foundational science principles, applications in public health and medicine, and careers in genomics-related fields.

2020: Career Explorations in Genomic Medicine Research

This summer 2020 program connected undergraduate students with professionals working in the fields of clinical care, basic science research, informatics, and ELSI (ethical, legal, and social issues).

Resources for Researchers:

2021: Clinical Data Literacy Series: Electronic Health Data Basics Workshop

This virtual workshop introduced UNC researchers and clinicians to techniques for working with patient and clinical data.