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Initiative Leader

About the Initiative

The PPMH Pharmacogenomics (PGx) Initiative working group includes individuals from the School of Pharmacy and School of Medicine who are working to expand access to pharmacogenomic testing and clinical services to providers and patients across the UNC Health system. Long-term goals of the PPMH PGx Initiative include:

  • Recognition as a leader in clinical implementation and research in pharmacogenomics
  • In collaboration with the PPMH ISD GGC Initiative, building and maintaining clinical decision support (CDS) within the UNC Health Epic EHR to ensure safe and appropriate use of pharmacogenomics testing
  • Developing an education program that can be utilized by providers seeking to incorporate evidence-based pharmacogenetic testing into their practice

Short-term goals fall in three areas:

  1. Laboratory/ Testing
  2. CDS/Epic Genomics
  3. Clinical Implementation

The team has implemented clinical decision support for CYP2C19/clopidogrel at UNC Medical Center (UNCMC) and is not looking to develop further clinical decision support. We are working on a pilot for multigene pharmacogenomic testing that includes building clinical decision support infrastructure for drug/genes with CPIC level A actionable recommendations. The aim of the pilot is to demonstrate feasibility of multigene testing and to allow for the optimized workflow to be translated at different sites within the UNC system. In tandem with the pilot and our focus on ensuring opportunity to obtain PGx testing, members of the initiative are collaborating to develop a pharmacogenomics e-consult service to offer support to clinicians interested in offering testing to their patients.

Provider Resources on Pharmacogenomic Testing