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Initiative Leader

About the Initiative

The PPMH Education Initiative fulfills one of the core PPMH missions, which is to provide education to a broad range of stakeholders regarding the fundamentals of precision medicine and the impact it will have in patient care. Within the UNC Community, this includes a seminar series on research leveraging data contained in the electronic health care record system and a quarterly mini-symposia series on research at UNC related to precision health care. The Education initiative also sponsors UNC Educational Pathways to Increase Diversity in GEnomics (EDGE Genomics), a training program for undergraduate students from underrepresented and disadvantaged backgrounds.

Outside the UNC community, the Education initiative works closely with the PPMH PARADIGM initiative and Age-Based Genomic Screening program to conduct outreach at community events such as the UNC Science Expo. Our presence at these events strengthens the relationship between PPMH and the broader community.