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The Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) program is one of many programs administered through the UNC Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) and designed to enhance the educational experience of UNC undergraduates by engaging them in research opportunities. Each summer, PPMH sponsors two students who are working on precision-medicine related projects.

Year Student name Research
mentor name
Department Project title
2020 Leo Pang Sarah Linnstaedt Anesthesiology •Tissue specificity and timing of post-stress expression of the chronic pain-associated protein FKBP51
2020 Fiona Wissink Ageliki Tsagaratou Genetics •Response of the Immune Microenvironment in a Mouse Model of T-Cell Lymphoma
2021 Lauren Sidelinger Flavio Frohlich Psychiatry •Using an At-Home EEG Device to Evaluate Intra-Individual Variation in Alpha Peak Frequency
2021 Roger Yu Brian Button Biochemistry & Biophysics •Mechanism of Action of Mucolytics in Improving Mucus Clearance in Lung Disease
2022 Parnika Agriwal David Williams Pathology & Laboratory Medicine •Discovery of novel drug-like molecules for the treatment of blood disorders from a combined in silico and NMR screen
2022 Ian Klevans Mark Heise Genetics •Determining the Function of Novel Nonstructural Proteins in Chikungunya Virus
2023 Mia Fogelsong Melissa Herman Pharmacology •Examining the Potential Role of the Central Amygdala in the Therapeutic Effects of Psilocin
2023 Katheryn Kapfer Alisa Wolberg Pathology & Laboratory Medicine •Influence of Fibrinogen and Fibrin on Macrophage and Neutrophil Infiltration in the Lungs in SARS-CoV-2 Infection