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Initiative Leader

About the Initiative

The main goal of the Precision Analytics Initiative is to bring informatics tools closer to clinical care by providing expertise and other resources to researchers and clinicians. This initiative’s working group consists of both clinical leadership in Precision Medicine as well as technically experienced consultants from the health system and other clinical departments to provide strategic advice to leaders in precision medicine.

What does the PPMH Precision Analytics working group do?

One of the focuses of the Precision Analytics working group is offering knowledge and other resources to clinicians and researchers across the university and health system by providing consulting services. The PPMH Precision Analytics pilot consulting program attempts to bridge the gap between the research-focused health data consulting available within TraCS and the request-driven infrastructure of ISD Enterprise Analytics and Data Sciences. The consulting service is intended to provide clinical researchers with expert advice, professional connections, opportunities for collaboration and/or financial support for some aspect(s) or personnel with the project.

How does the consulting service work?

  1. Project Submission: Projects are submitted to PPMH via a word document laying out the key question, the significance of the project, assistance needed to move project forward, and steps for the project after completion.
  2. Initial 30-60 minute engagement meeting: After project submission and review, an initial 30-60 minute engagement meeting is held between the PPMH Precision Analytics working group and the project team, focusing on strategic objectives and challenges they see.
  3. Consultation work: Next, technical consultants spend up to 2 person-hours working with the client on their problem.
  4. Consultation Report: After consultation work, the consultants create a written report including a brief summary of what the Precision Analytics team understands the client’s project to be, specific needs or challenges the client faces, and next steps for the client to take. If the PPMH team identifies solutions that can be addressed via additional resources, we can also offer pilot funding to help the team move their project forward.

Pilot Awards Funded by PPMH Precision Analytics:

  • Using NLP Algorithms to Improve Identification and Use of EHR Tobacco Information
    Pilot Award Amount: $2500
    View the project submission details.