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NCCN Outpatient Clozapine Initiation Titration Schedule

A sample titration schedule. Adjustments may be needed based on individual tolerability; we recommend a slower titration when there are greater than mild side effects. We also recommend consolidating to nighttime dosing in cases of excessive daytime sedation OR difficulty with optimal medication adherence. Target dose of 300 mg is the typical minimum dose needed to achieve therapeutic effect, although this varies widely due to individual variability.

Sample Clozapine Titration Schedule

NCCN Rapid Clozapine Initiation for Suicidality, Violence, or other Substantial Risk

Please contact the NCCN Consultation Service for Assistance.

NCCN Clozapine Initiation and Maintenance Monitoring Guidelines

Clozapine initiation and monitoring grid: CBC, Myocarditis, ECG, Glucose, Vitals, ROS
IMPORTANT: If concerned about possible myocarditis and patient is not in distress, obtain ECG and consult cardiology. With any symptomatic distress, have low threshold for bringing patient to ED or instructing patient to go to ED if not in clinic. Must call ED to provide history and clinical details.

Sample Clozapine Initiation Schedule

NCCN Metformin Use in Antipsychotic Drug-Associated Weight Gain

  • General considerations for weight interventions.
  • When to consider Metformin for weight.
  • Evidence to support Metformin for weight control.
  • Potential added benefits of metformin.
  • Metformin Side Effects and (Relative) Contraindications to Metformin.
  • PreMetformin workup, Initiating Metformin and Ongoing Monitoring

Become a Clozapine Prescriber, Pharmacist, or Registered Pharmacy

For questions or assistance with this process, please consult the NCCN. Please do not contact the NCCN for technical difficulties with the Clozapine REMS website.