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NCCN Consultation Service:

Please contact:
Dr. Mindy Asbury (
Dr. Fred Jarskog (

Members of the NCCN are available via telephone* consultation to answer questions related to clozapine use, for example:  titration schedules, steps to take following abnormal laboratory values, safety of clozapine in the setting of complex medical issues, and management of clozapine side effects. In addition, the Network can assist with resource-related questions, such as identifying the location of local pharmacies that carry and dispense clozapine.

The telephone line* operates Monday through Friday from 9 AM until 4 PM. Calls are typically returned within one hour by the NCCN’s registered nurse who will triage the inquiry and notify the MD on-call, if appropriate. The on-call physician will return all routine inquiries within 24 business hours and all urgent issues as soon as possible.

*The telephone number for the NCCN Consultation Service is currently unavailable, please contact Dr. Mindy Asbury or Dr. Fred Jarskog.