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With nearly 3,000 learners, the UNC School of Medicine provides superb education at an exceptional value. Strong partnerships with key educational partners provide a unique learning experience for the state’s future doctors and scientists. As part of this pillar, we will engage all to transform biomedical and health professional education to advance discovery and healthcare.

Education Objectives

  • Create an environment that enables all educators to provide high quality training and education and for learners from all backgrounds to reach their full potential.
  • Ensure School of Medicine programs and curriculum effectively train learners to address the biomedical and healthcare workforce needs of the healthcare system, state and world.
  • Invest in the infrastructure and technology needed to support School of Medicine decision making and ensure the school has capacity to provide the best education and training for all learners.
  • Provide equitable access to affordable education and enhance educational support for all SOM learners.

How We Will Measure Our Success

  • In-state placement post graduation (%)
  • Rural placement post graduation (%)
  • PhD graduates in science related fields (%)
  • Satisfaction rates with education

Thank Yous

Thank you to the following teammates who helped develop our education pillar:

  • Jennifer Wu
  • Benny Joyner
  • Melissa Garber
  • Valerie Tan
  • Liz Steadman
  • Joy Renner
  • Kathy Barnhouse
  • Kristy Borawski
  • Stephanie Brown
  • Rob Kark
  • Spencer Dorn
  • Sofia Aliga
  • Michael Vavlitis
  • Kim Nichols
  • Scott Williams
  • Jeanine Simmons
  • Meredith Bazemore
  • Brandong Woodmancy
  • Kelly Smith
  • Laurie Ray
  • Tara Moon
  • Meg Zomorodi
  • Heather Tarantino
  • Eileen Burker
  • Kenan Penaskovic
  • Angie Smith
  • Nikki Benz
  • Concetta Lupa
  • David MacDonald
  • Nancy Bagatell
  • Jes Morse
  • Catherine Coe
  • Lisa Tarantino
  • Hugh Tilson
  • Sylvia Becker-Dreps
  • Jenny Boyd
  • Alice Chuang
  • Adam Jacks
  • Lisa Johnson
  • Erin Fraher