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The UNC School of Medicine is a national leader in research. As part of this pillar, we will accelerate discovery and innovation to improve health.

Research Objectives

  • Develop, invest in, and retain a research workforce that enables the SOM to develop innovations that advance basic science and translational research and improve patient care.
  • Expand research infrastructure and accelerate strategic investment to enable the SOM to develop innovative breakthroughs.
  • Enhance research administrative support and research funding to enable the SOM to advance scientific discoveries.
  • Implement a strategic approach to increase SOM partnerships with other schools and main campus and leverage industry engagement to accelerate UNC SOM’s ability to achieve its research goals.

How We Will Measure Our Success

  • Total research funding
  • Number of patent and technology licenses
  • Number of SBIR/STTR grants
  • Research impact

Thank Yous

Thank you to the following teammates who helped develop our research pillar:

  • Blossom Damania
  • Cam Enarson
  • Lamorris Loftin
  • Brian Strahl
  • Donita Robinson
  • Emily Pfaff
  • Chris Gregory
  • Shelley Earp
  • Jonathan Berg
  • Melissa Haendel
  • Jill Jemison
  • Henrik Dohlman
  • Pablo Ariel
  • Dirk Dittmer
  • John Buse
  • Mike Cohen
  • Gwen Garden
  • Dallas Carter
  • Jean Cook
  • Rich Loeser
  • Jonathan Juliano
  • Jeremy Purvis
  • Vicki Bae-Jump
  • Nick Shaheen
  • Shawn Gomez
  • Laura Viera
  • Erin Casey
  • Andy Kant
  • Jen Jen Yeh
  • Dell Yarbrough
  • Evan Dellon
  • Jeff Stringer
  • Tom Kash
  • Linda Raferty
  • JP Flores
  • Chad Pecot
  • Natasha Snider
  • Joan Taylor