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The UNC School of Medicine has more than 6,000 teammates who provide outstanding service toward our mission and vision. As part of this pillar, we will empower the school community to effectively serve North Carolina by creating an ecosystem of development, service, belonging and equity that attracts the best talent and promotes their success and retention.

Value and Develop Our People Objectives

  • Develop a people strategy that ensures our ability to recruit faculty and staff candidates from all backgrounds, and effectively onboard, develop, retain and promote them.
  • Cultivate a safe, inclusive environment where all people feel valued.
  • Reduce administrative hurdles across the school to enable our community to focus on advancing the mission.
  • Ensure school infrastructure, tools and technology are effective in enabling faculty and staff to achieve the tripartite mission.

How We Will Measure Our Success

  • SOM community engagement and satisfaction rating
  • SOM community acceptance and belonging
  • SOM full time employee retention rates

Thank Yous

Thank you to the following teammates who helped develop our people pillar:

  • Karlina Matthews
  • Steve Bogdewic
  • Nate Thomas
  • Benny Joyner
  • Nicole Byrd
  • Keisha Gibson
  • Harvey Lineberry
  • Ashalla Freeman
  • Erin Malloy
  • Patty Saponary
  • Joan Taylor
  • Fernando Pardo Manuel de Villena
  • Becky Phelps
  • Shannelle Campbell
  • Samatha Meltzer-Brody
  • Michelle Floris-Moore
  • Tye Harrison
  • Patty White
  • Leslie Wimmer
  • Paul Marini
  • Makayla King
  • Kristy Borawski
  • Sara Pflum
  • HJ Kim
  • Nadia Charguia
  • Dallas Carter
  • Eileen Burker
  • Lukasz Mazur
  • Jana Ross
  • Sara Beland
  • Blair Allen
  • Isabel Jordan Roth
  • Paul Clement
  • Alison Regan
  • Jill Jemison
  • Mike Kane
  • Sapna Varkey
  • Jeremy Purvis
  • Aaron Fisher
  • Eric M. Wallen
  • Matt Englund
  • Mike Plesh
  • Brian Penders
  • Joseph Thomas