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The UNC School of Medicine, in partnership with UNC Health, has a history of strong clinical performance with opportunities to grow in workforce optimization and research capabilities. As part of this pillar, will we provide cutting edge and innovative clinical care.

Patient and Clinical Care Objectives

  • Align administrative and research infrastructure and connectivity between UNC-Chapel Hill and UNC Health to expand access to clinical trials and health related research, and enable broader coordination and synergy across the organizations.
  • Leverage research to improve population and community health via community and clinical partnerships.
  • Educate a healthcare workforce that benefits the people and communities we serve across North Carolina.
  • Enhance care delivery to deliver transformative clinical innovation and unparalleled quality to our patients.

How We Will Measure Our Success

  • Number of patients enrolled in clinical trials
  • New or expanding training opportunities with UNC Health, Novant, NCAHEC and other partners
  • Number of Faculty Physicians and UNC Health quality improvement projects with School of Medicine faculty and staff involvement

Thank Yous

Thank you to the following teammates who helped develop our patient and clinical care pillar:

  • Michael Sledge
  • Matt Mauro
  • Cam Enarson
  • Caitlin Araiza DeGregorio
  • Laura Viera
  • Michelle L. Hernandez
  • Anne Lachiewicz
  • Bo Jiang
  • Laura Young
  • Dave Peden
  • Scott Donaldson
  • Clara Lee
  • Jana Ross
  • Jill Cunnup
  • Emily Pfaff
  • Essie Torres
  • Margaret Helton
  • Stephanie Wheeler
  • Darren Dewalt
  • Gaurav Dave
  • Samuel Cykert
  • Jennifer Leeman
  • Adam Zolotor
  • Jennifer Elston Lafata
  • Mark Holmes
  • Kerry Thomas
  • Hugh H. Tilson, Jr.
  • Joe Pino
  • Adam Zolotor
  • Nikki Binz
  • Kelly Cash
  • Liz Steadman
  • Steve Hooper
  • Kim Nichols
  • Yolanda Scarlett
  • Amir Barzin
  • Jami Mann
  • Jessica Schumacher
  • Lavinia Kolarczyk
  • Christina Carroll
  • Nate Sowa
  • Spencer Dorn
  • Sara Beland