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Beginning in May 2023, UNC School of Medicine teammates and learners began working on our new strategic plan, SOM: Accelerate Forward Together. The planning team gathered feedback from across our community to determine the focus areas of our new plan and to strategize on how we can best move forward together. Over the past year, more than 350 members of our community have been involved in this work.

Our SOM: Accelerate Forward Together plan is focused on four pillar areas that will help us achieve our goal of becoming the nation’s leading public school of medicine. It also is aligned with UNC Health’s Forward Together 2030 strategic plan, helping our organizations move toward our collective mission of improving the health and wellbeing of North Carolinians and others whom we serve.

Our Accelerate Pillars Are:

These pillars are designed to align with the UNC Health Forward Together 2030 Amplified Academics pillar, which focuses on alignment of discovery and clinical care, workforce development, commercialization and innovation, and meeting community health needs.