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Will insurance pay for breast reconstruction if I’ve had it somewhere else and need revision?

In most cases, insurance covers revision of breast reconstruction surgery, but we will resubmit to your insurance provider.

Can I have breast reconstruction even though I’ve already had a mastectomy?

Yes. Whether your mastectomy was recent or years before, breast reconstruction is an option. The type of
reconstruction will depend on your specific situation and will be discussed at your initial appointment with a
plastic surgeon.

How do I make an appointment to discuss breast reduction?

Most breast reduction appointments are seen in a group appointment, which consists of a general information session with other prospective patients and your surgeon’s nurse, followed by a private one-on-one discussion with your surgeon.

How do I get prices for cosmetic procedures?

Please call our Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Financial Counselor at (919) 843-8883 with all questions regarding prices for cosmetic procedures.