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How will surgery be scheduled?

If you and your surgeon decide that surgery is appropriate, you will be notified by the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery scheduler of your surgery date and your pre-operative appointment time. The Hospital will call you after 2 pm the business day before surgery to give you your surgery time and location. If you have not received a call from the Hospital by 4:30 pm, please call Pre-Care at (919) 966-2273.

Where do I report for surgery?

Surgeries are scheduled in several places: the Main Hospital, Women’s and Children’s Hospital, and the Ambulatory Care Center (ACC). You will be given the location of your surgery along with where to report the day before your surgery for Pre-Care.

How long does the insurance approval process take?

The insurance approval process usually takes between 6-8 weeks after your procedure has been submitted.

What does a pre-operative visit involve?

You will see either your surgeon or physician assistant first. Together you will review your scheduled surgery and discuss any questions you may have. You will be sent with your paperwork to “Pre-care” where you will have an opportunity to speak with Operating Room nurses and discuss any concerns regarding anesthesia. This is also where any pre-operative bloodwork and/or testing will be done if ordered by your surgeon.

How long will my hospital stay be?

Your length of stay in the hospital will depend on the surgery that you have. Your plastic surgeon and their nurse will discuss your hospital stay, plan of care, and special instructions with you before your surgery.

Who do I call with questions or about complications after surgery?

During business hours, you may call the Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

For Dr. Damitz, call Nicole Bailey, RN at (919) 843-1086.

For Dr. Wood, call Rachel Heller, RN at (919) 843-1088.

After business hours and on weekends, please call the Hospital Paging Operator at (919) 966-4131 and ask for the Plastic Surgery Resident on call.