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UNC Plastic Surgery provides a premier aesthetic experience, combining a private-practice approach focusing on safety and confidentiality, with the benefits of the knowledge and advanced training that defines an academic practice.

We offer the full spectrum of cosmetic services and aesthetic procedures, blending innovation and experience to produce outstanding results in a reliable and consistent manner. With the assistance of four health care extenders, our six full-time faculty members provide individualized care, based upon the specific needs of the patient.

Minimally-invasive procedures—such as injectable fillers, Botox™, permanent makeup, and chemical peels—are performed in our office, the same day as your consultation. Most of our operative procedures are performed in our off-site Ambulatory Care Center within 1-2 weeks of consultation, and include breast augmentation, breast reduction, and mastopexy; face, neck, and brow lift; blepharoplasty; conventional and ultrasonic liposuction; abdominoplasty; and brachioplasty. Patients who desire extensive body contouring procedures or who have medical problems undergo surgery in our on-campus facility, where they can be admitted to the hospital post-operatively.

Our goal is to combine our experience, innovation, and commitment to excellence to improve the form and function of our patients, allowing them to realize their potential in terms of self-confidence and appearance. Toward that end, our team provides the following procedures (note that the links below lead to external websites):