The podcast provides specific, practical methods for beginning and maintaining an exercise routine that is designed for each person’s specific physical needs and personal goals.

Topics discussed included tips for:

  • Developing your own “exercise program,” to help you stay motivated and be successful
  • Selecting the right footwear
  • Benefits of walking with a friend or pet as a companion
  • Identifying suitable walking locations depending on your needs
  • Proper posture for walking
  • How to stretch properly

The podcast is also motivational, with plenty of encouragement from Dr. Callahan and the Arthritis Foundation hosts, to begin a program that you will enjoy, and which works for you.  “The most important thing is to feel good about moving,’ says Dr. Callahan. “When people see goals of 10,000 steps a day, it’s so overwhelming that they don’t take the first step.”

You can listen to the podcast via this link.