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Important Update: We have recently heard from numerous physicians who expressed an interest in learning more about alpha-gal food allergy. To provide the greatest value to attendees we are reformatting and rescheduling our patient symposium for a later date. We plan to open the patient symposium to physicians who would like to learn more about alpha-gal. In addition to hearing from patients about their experiences, we will provide education on diagnosing and treating this allergy, as well as presenting important new research findings and data for attendees. The symposium will also enable healthcare professionals to earn continuing medical education (CME) credits. More information will be forthcoming. Anyone registered for the previously planned event date will be issued a refund.

The symposium allows attendees to interact with and hear from two of the leading alpha-gal experts in the country, as well as other patients who have the allergy to red meat.

An under-recognized allergy named “alpha-gal” can cause some people who are affected to experience serious allergic reactions when they consume food or products containing meat such as beef and pork. It is believed that the allergy sometimes develops in individuals following a tick bite. UNC is one of a few locations in the U.S. conducting clinical research on alpha-gal, and two of its physician-researchers – Maya Jerath, MD, PhD; and Scott Commins, MD, PhD – are among the leading alpha-gal experts in the country. Anyone interested in learning more about alpha-gal from these experts, as well as meeting others who have the allergy, are invited to attend an educational alpha-gal symposium. Attendance requires advance registration.

Note: The event is being reformatted and rescheduled to a later date.