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Lecture Series

Date Lecturer Topic Location
8/27/2015 Kurt Ribisi Tobacco Control Act Marsico 2004
9/10/2015 Ilona Jaspers Toxicology of Cigarette and Tobacco Products Marsico 2004
9/24/2015 Robert Tarran Tobacco Effects on Airway Hydration Marsico 2004
10/8/2015 Robert Tarran Lung Diseases Related to Tobacco Exposure Marsico 2004
10/22/2015 Ilona Jaspers Immunotoxicology of Tobacco Exposure Marsico 2004
11/5/2015 Gary Glish Mass Spectrometry Techniques for Biomarker Characterization Marsico 2004
11/19/2015 Mehmet Kesimer Biomarkers and Proteomic Effects – Technologies Marsico 2004
12/17/2015 Mehmet Kesimer Tobacco Effects on Mucus Biology Marsico 2004
3/10/2016 Scott Randell In vitro Models to Assess Tobacco Effects Marsico 2004
3/24/2016 Claire Doerschuk Animal Models to Assess Tobacco Effects Marsico 7004
4/21/2016 Amir Rezvani Pharmacology of Nicotine Addiction Marsico 7004
5/5/2016 Neil Alexis Human Models to Assess Tobacco Effects Marsico 7004

All lectures are held at 10:30 AM.