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UNC Urology Publications

Author Collaboration Network

(1/2016 – 12/2021)

Author Keywords

(1/2016 – 12/2021)

Individual publications can be found in Faculty Profiles

Publication Set Summary

Description Results
Documents 497
Sources (Journals, Books, etc.) 146
Keywords Plus (ID) 3484
Author’s Keywords (DE) 838
Period 2016 – 2021
Average citations per document 10.14
Authors 1991
Author Appearances 4094
Authors of single-authored documents 14
Authors of multi-authored documents 1977
Single-authored documents 34
Documents per Author 0.25
Authors per Document 4.01
Document types Results
Article 317
Review 66
Note 50
Editorial 27
Letter 23
Book Chapter 8
Conference Paper 3
Short Survery 3

About Impact Measurement

The Research Hub @ The Health Sciences Library partners with the UNC-Chapel Hill community on impact measurement and visualization projects in support of research, education, and clinical care.

Health Sciences Library impact measurement and visualization (IMV) specialists have consulted with the UNC Department of Urology to help:

  • Identify patterns, trends, and gaps of unit-supported research, education or clinical care activities utilizing publication and/or other available data
  • Bibliometric analysis and visualization to provide an overview of research publications and other outputs by a specific group
  • Discover the scope and pattern of research collaborations (e.g. author collaboration, institution collaboration, and country collaboration)

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