The mission of the Department of Surgery is based on the Mission Statement of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the Mission Statement of the School of Medicine. These principles guide the governance and priorities of the Department as follows:

  1. To efficiently provide high quality quaternary, tertiary, secondary and primary care to the people of North Carolina;
  2. To serve as a surgical referral center for patients from throughout the United States and worldwide;
  3. To maintain an internal governance system by which exemplary academic standards, clinical practice excellence, research excellence, high teaching standards, optimal financial and operational management, and effective human resource development are assured;
  4. To educate medical school undergraduates, residents and fellows in the surgical specialties and subspecialties;
  5. To advance scholarly research and clinical investigation in the health sciences; and
  6. To provide community service throughout the state:
    • by active participation in the Area Health Education Centers (AHEC)
    • through public education
    • through interaction with community agencies and providers
    • through burn prevention programs and legislative initiatives
    • and by serving as a referral and information center for patients, and their primary physicians, in need of the highest-level of surgical and diagnostic service