Our Mission

The primary mission of OIS is to provide centralized computer services and information systems resources for the entire School of Medicine community, from medical students to faculty to administrative staff.

OIS Initiatives

Securing the School of Medicine Network

The School of Medicine is committed to providing users with a secure computing environment. We take multi-tiered approach to protecting the network and use several tools:  Laptop Encryption, Microsoft System Center Endpoint Protection (SCEP) and Network Access Controls (NAC).  We also recently implemented a hardware firewall for the School of Medicine.

    Managing Technology More Effectively and Efficiently

    OIS is continuously working to improve the management of the devices and applications across the School of Medicine. Two major ongoing initiatives that allow us to achieve this are: 

    Other Initiatives

    OIS collaborates with groups and departments across the University and Healthcare System on a variety of  initiatives that impact School of Medicine faculty, staff and students. Currently these are: