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What is 2-Step Verification?

2-Step Verification — also called multifactor or two-factor authentication — is an additional layer of protection for your accounts. 2-Step Verification utilizes something you know (your Onyen and password) and something you have (e.g. your phone).

Many of you are likely already using 2-Step Verification for online activity with bank accounts, credit cards and personal email accounts. If you’ve received a code sent to your phone before you could sign in to an account, you have used 2-Step Verification.

Why is 2-Step Verification Important?

The main benefit of activating 2-Step is that it significantly increases the protection of your account from hackers. Here’s how that is achieved:

  • 2-Step adds an extra barrier between your personal information and unwarranted access. To access your account, criminals would need to know your username and password as well as a security code;
  • 2-Step can help keep criminals from accessing your email, documents, payroll, personal information or research data, even if your Onyen and password have been stolen;
  • 2-Step requires a unique security code each time your account is accessed on a non-trusted device, application or web browser.

How do I Set up Two-Step Verification to protect my account from hackers?