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The Class of 2017 is a community of friends dedicated to making a difference. The Class of 2017 Loyalty Fund is just one more way for us to make a difference…Together.

What is it?

A project to establish an endowment to provide enrichment opportunities and scholarships to future students at the UNC School of Medicine.

Why now?

  • The project can span our entire professional lives
  • This fund and the impact that it has will grow with us over the course of our careers
  • Small donations can make a difference when many people make them
  • Starting earlier and involving more people means that we will reach our goal faster and have a bigger impact

What will our legacy be?

  • Early in the project, students will benefit from enrichment awards for things like national meeting attendance.
  • After we raise enough money, our endowment will fund a $10,000 scholarship for one student each year FOREVER.
  • The more money we raise, the more scholarships we can give, and the greater our legacy will be.

Class of 2017

Our goals

To raise $200,000 to endow student scholarships

Jeanine Simmons
Senior Executive Director of Development, Medical Education and Alumni