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Event Series Mindful Monday Meditation

Mindful Monday Meditation

Take advantage of self-compassion meditation sessions provided by School of Medicine and dedicate time to self-nurture. Mindfulness and self-compassion meditations assist with stress reduction, mental flexibility and even resilience. Sessions are 30-minutes every Monday led by Jonny Gerkin.

Support BCBP on Tar Heal Tuesday

On Tuesday, Nov. 29, 2022, the UNC Health Foundation will once again host Tar Heal Tuesday. Each year this day celebrates how our UNC School of Medicine and UNC Health community can come together to show our support for life-saving research, world-class medical education, and quality, compassionate care for all through giving. This will be … Read more

BCBP Seminar: Joshua Ziarek PhD (Univ. of Indiana)

1131 Bioinformatics 130 Mason Farm Road, Chapel Hill, NC, United States

Joshua Ziarek PhD Univ. of Indiana Bloomington Assistant Professor, Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry and Adjunct, Biology Talk title: “The dynamic nature of neurotensin receptor 1 (NTS1) allostery and signaling bias” Education Postdoctoral Training, Harvard Medical School, 2012-2017 Ph.D., Medical College of Wisconsin, 2011 B.S., University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 2007

Student Thesis Defense: Tatyana Bodrug (Brown lab)

1131 Bioinformatics 130 Mason Farm Road, Chapel Hill, NC, United States

Tatyana Bodrug (student of Dr. Nicholas G. Brown)  Program: Biochemistry and Biophysics Title: “Time-Resolved Cryo-EM Analysis of Substrate Polyubiquitination by the RING E3 Anaphase-Promoting Complex/Cyclosome (APC/C)” Zoom and 1131 Bioinformatics The zoom link will be shared only with the express permission of the defending student ahead of time.

BCBP Seminar: Franziska Bleichert PhD

1131 Bioinformatics 130 Mason Farm Road, Chapel Hill, NC, United States

Franziska Bleichert, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Yale School of Medicine Host: Student Invite Title: Mechanisms for initiating DNA replication in eukaryotes Research: Dr. Bleichert’s research focuses on understanding the operating principles of macromolecular machines involved in chromosome replication and in the maintenance of genome stability using a combination of structural biology, biochemical, biophysical, and cellular approaches. … Read more

De-Stress with DSS

Graduate Student Center 211A West Cameron Ave., Chapel Hill, United States

De-Stress with Diversity and Student Success program (DSS) at the Graduate Student Center. Come relax, enjoy snacks, chill music, destress activities (coloring, make stress ball, etc.) With exam season approaching, come join us at the Graduate Student Center to De-stress with DSS! We will be hosting a DROP-IN event with snacks, activities and a place to de-stress / relax. Don’t miss out on a chance to give your brain a break! We hope to see everyone there.

Student Thesis Defense: Jonathan Eicher

Kerr 1001 311 Pharmacy Lane, Chapel Hill, NC, United States

Jonathan "Jack" Eicher Defense title "Structural Characterization of a Gel-forming Desiccation Tolerance Tardigrade Protein" Advisor: Gary Pielak Program: Chemistry, Biophysics trainee

WinS: FREE donuts and hot chocolate

MEJ 3104

Free hot chocolate and donuts on Friday Learn more about two organizations: UNC Winspire and UNC WinS December 9th from 4-5pm in Mary Ellen Jones building, Room 3104, Chapel Hill, NC 27514