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Student Thesis Defense: Gabrielle Dardis

1131 Bioinformatics 130 Mason Farm Road, Chapel Hill, NC, United States

Thesis defense title: “EZH2 Co-Activates NF-κB Targets with RelA in a PRC2- Independent Manner in Triple Negative Breast Cancer Cells” Seminar based upon the doctoral dissertation of Gabrielle Dardis under the direction of Dr. Albert Baldwin Location: 1131 Bioinformatics and Zoom

Upstander training

UNC GMB 3007 120 Mason Farm Road, Chapel Hill, United States

Our event photos will be posted shortly. This event will be held in GMB 3007 and over Zoom. Just a kind reminder of our upcoming DEI training session, “Becoming an Upstander”, scheduled for tomorrow from 11am to noon. The training will primarily be conducted via Zoom (link attached below). However, for those who prefer an … Read more

Refreshments before talks

1131 Bioinformatics 130 Mason Farm Road, Chapel Hill, NC, United States

Prior to our new student talks come down to enjoy refreshments and meet our 9 new students joining our program.

BCBP New Student Talks

1131 Bioinformatics 130 Mason Farm Road, Chapel Hill, NC, United States

First Year Student Talks As a follow-up to the New Student Talks calendar invite, I have attached and included below the titles of the student presentations. Please join us to welcome our new BCBP students to the department. Refreshments will be available before the event in the Bioinformatics lobby. - Holly Date: Wednesday, May 24 Time: 11am … Read more

Resiliency: Bouncing Back After a Setback


Available through the UNC HR Carolina Talent Portal. 1 hour webinar. Certain individuals appear to succeed against all odds. Despite severe hardships such as living through war, witnessing the death of a loved one, having a chronic illness, being a victim of abuse or dealing with unemployment, certain people not only adapt but actually thrive. … Read more

4v4 Beach Volleyball Tournament

UNC BBSP students are hosting a beach volleyball tournament to raise money to help support the family of our very own Maria Al Haddad (2nd year, BCBP student)! YOU CAN SIGN UP AS A TEAM OR AS A FREE AGENT (and we will assign you to teams once registration is completed). Here are the details: … Read more

Henna Art DEI event

GMB Lawn

see the email from May 23 from Thanh Phan for details

BCBP small group lunch interest meeting

Small group lunch on June 6th at 12pm catered lunch for small group interest meeting location to be announced - only for those who RSVP'd ahead of time. -- Greetings! As there are several new people in the department and the pandemic slowed down our ability to come together, we are excited to announce the … Read more