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The student must complete original research that comprehensively addresses an important topic in the student’s area of research, and results in a publishable first authored (or co-first authored) manuscript.

Criteria for defense without in-press publication.

Although the Department would wish that all students would have multiple first-author publications in top peer-review journals, we understand that there can be exceptions and thus a need for some flexibility in graduation while a paper is in the process of being published. Given we also recognize the very competitive job market, as well as the ability to obtain external postdoctoral funding, the DGS will advise the student of the risks or potential impact of leaving with only one paper.

The guidelines for graduation are as followed.

  1. The student’s committee has seen the work to be published and full heartedly believes the work is of sound quality and makes a publishable unit.
  2. That all committee members are on board with the student leaving, and that each member has complete confidence that the work will be published.
  3. That the students’ mentor will ensure the paper is published with the student being first-author.
  4. That a clear plan has been laid out to the committee for how any additional work will be accomplished in the students’ absence following reviews.

Acknowledgment of the above must be provided in a written statement to the DGS by the student’s mentor with the committee members and student CC’d.