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Congratulations to Nigel Mackman on receiving the ATVB Highly Cited Award!

As a member of the Editorial Board who publish their high level science in ATVB, we will be recognizing the publication by Editorial Board members that were the most highly cited in the determination of the 2019 impact factor.

Manuscript: Tissue Factor: An Essential Component of Hemostasis and Trigger of Thrombosis, authors Steven P. Grover and Nigel Mackman; published in 2018 in ATVB, was among the top 5 cited manuscripts in which an author was a member of the Editorial Board.

Dr. Mackman will receive an award as ATVB will be recognizing this highly cited manuscript at the ATVB Journal Editorial Board Meeting in November 2020.

Nigel Mackman Steve Grover
Nigel Mackman, PhD                             Steven Grover, PhD


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