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  1. Study consultation: please email to schedule a meeting with our staff
  2. Sample size: Our core provides a wide variety of services. Our core staff provides consulting services and assists users estimate power from pilot studies.
  3. Reagent validation: The contrast agents and anesthetics used for CAMRI services are pharmaceutical grade products that have been widely validated by the vendors and users.
  4. User safety training:
  5. Quality control: We perform routine quality control for each coil, and weekly magnet data including helium level, pressure heater power, and cryocooler parameters. These data are available to users upon request.
  6. Documentation: Our imaging acquisition and analysis protocols are available at BRIC(Small Animal MRI). All user communication logs are archived under an email account where all staff members have access to. Our equipment provides documentation and raw data for experimental runs by recording detailed scanner parameters and time. We maintain a separate log for data analysis service. All service analyses are performed on Jupyter Notebook, which provides automatic documentation. These data are backed up routinely in physical hard drive, UNC SOM network storage, and Dropbox Business cloud storage.
  7. Suggested Acknowledgement Statement: We thank the members at the Center for Animal MRI and Biomedical Research Imaging Center for technical supports, funded in part by Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center (P30 CA016086), Bowles Center for Alcohol Studies (P60 AA011605), and Carolina Institute for Developmental Disabilities (U54 HD079124).