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Please read and follow the steps below to create an account in iLab before scheduling or sending out an imaging request:

  1. Study Initiation: Please send an email to, to request a meeting for new MRI studies or logon to iLab to request an MRI study under the “Request Services” tab.
    (Instructions for iLab can be found here:
  2. Animal Protocol: Please consider amending your animal protocol for live animal imaging studies. The facility has a core protocol covering standard procedures that can be used for pilot studies if all the procedures are included in our core protocol. Please contact us at for any protocol related issues.
  3. External studies: We also provide imaging support for investigators from NC State, other regional academic institutions, and private companies. For external studies, please contact for all related questions.

List of documents needed for imaging non-UNC animals from non-UNC institutes

  1. A project description with the study information, and imaging needs, which will be included in a letter to the UNC IACUC committee.
  2. Approved animal care and use application from sending institute. Please amend your animal protocol to including imaging at UNC, and refer to the UNC imaging facility animal protocol (Small Animal MRI Core 18-182.0).
  3. A letter or Memo from sending institute’s IACUC stating the institution’s current AAALAC International accreditation status and Animal Welfare Assurance number, or a MOU signed by the two institutes.
  4. A current health monitoring report provided by the sending institute’s animal facility, reflecting the health status over the past year of any colonies housed in the same room as the mice to be imported. If any positive tests other than MNV, please describe any actions taken as a result of the positive test. We also would like test results for pinworms and fur mites on the animals to be shipped. Additional tests may be required after your health records are reviewed at UNC.
  5. Animal Importing form (UNC DCM) filled by the sending institute.
  6. Once all of the documents are received from the sending institute, we will amend our UNC imaging facility animal protocol and send a letter to the UNC IACUC committee describing the needs of imaging non-UNC animals in the Small Animal MRI facility.