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1. How do I start a study with BRIC?

Please refer to our “Study Initiation” page, under the Human Imaging Services tab.

2. How much will my imaging study cost?

Please refer to our “Rates” page, under the Human Imaging Services tab.

3. What functional MRI software programs does BRIC have?

BRIC has licenses for E-prime, Presentation, CIGAL and Matlab. While we do offer our investigators the use of these programs, the goal of our technologists is to provide quality imaging, and therefore, we are typically unable to offer support for these programs or assistance with creating your functional task. In some instances, if you need assistance with your functional task, we may be able to refer you to other users who are familiar with the program you are using.

4. How do I schedule my subject for a scan?

Please set up a time to speak with one of our technologists regarding how to use our scheduling system. Technologists may be contacted by calling 919-843-6194 or at . You may view our equipment calendars here.

5. Does the BRIC provide any standard language to be used within IRB applications?

You may contact one of the BRIC study coordinators for information about writing an IRB application for imaging at the BRIC.

Kristine Baluyot,

6. Can my subject have sedation for his/her scan at the BRIC?

BRIC is currently unable to offer sedation for research subjects or clinical patients.

7. Can my subject watch a movie or listen to music during his/her scan at the BRIC?

Yes, subjects may listen to music of their choosing or choose a movie from our selection of DVDs. We also have age appropriate movies for children.

8. Can someone at BRIC help me build a protocol for my imaging study?

Yes, please contact a BRIC technologist at if you need assistance with protocol optimization. If a technologist cannot assist you, we also have the help of several MRI physicists.

9. I need to meet with my participant to complete paperwork before or after their scan. Does the BRIC have a space for me to use?

The BRIC does have several rooms for investigators to use outside of their scanning time. Please contact a technologist at , if you need one of these rooms.

10. Can my participant park at the BRIC during their scan?

Yes. The BRIC has two primary and four secondary parking spaces for research subjects that are located in front of the BRIC and Bioinformatics Buildings. Subjects who are disabled, over the age of 65 or under the age of 10 will have first priority for use of the parking spaces. There are also two handicapped parking spaces located immediately beside of the research parking spaces, so those with handicapped placards should use these two spaces. If the BRIC research parking spaces are occupied, subjects should park in the hospital Dogwood Deck.

11. Is there someone to process my images?

If you are interested in having someone at BRIC process your image data, please contact .

12. How can I receive my image data?

Images can be burned onto a CD or uploaded to BRIC’s pacsone server. Please contact the BRIC technologists at for further information.

13. Can I use the 3T MR, 7T MR, PET/MR or PET/CT for non-human research?

Yes. We have multiple investigators who use the human imaging equipment for non-human research. If you would like to discuss your project, to determine if the human imaging equipment can be used for your study, please contact .