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To initiate a project using the 3T MRI or 7T MRI equipment, investigators should contact and for PET/MR or PET/CT projects please contact For all projects please include a completed Project Registration Form.

It is important that investigators work with the BRIC staff when initiating a project, as they may be able to help determine how much time and money to allocate per subject or scan. BRIC staff will be happy to help answer questions about developing an imaging budget and protocol for imaging projects.

For rate information, please visit our Rates page.

Before scanning subjects, investigators should provide:

  • Approved IRB application
  • IRB approval letter
  • IRB approved consent forms
  • University billing chartfields (As of October 1, 2014 the University of North Carolina requires the use of chartfields, rather than an account number.)
  • Contact information (name, phone number and email address) for the person in charge of the accounts that will pay for the study
  • If possible, investigators should provide an imaging protocol or list of imaging sequences. If an imaging protocol is not available, investigators should provide information regarding what type of information should be gained through imaging. BRIC can also provide the assistance of an MR physicist, as needed, to help build imaging protocols.
  • Any special requests or important information regarding the study, and/or subject population